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Population: 4,934,728
Human: 58%
Elf: 13%
Dwarf: 7%
Ork: 15%
Troll: 6%
Other: 1%
Density: 407/km2
Per Capita Income: 42,000¥
Estimated SINless: ~1,100,000
Below Poverty Level: 9%
     Less than 12 Years: 12%
     High School Equivalency: 27%
     College Equivalency: 39%
     Advanced Degrees or Certificates: 22%

Corporate Affiliation: 68%
Hospitals: 56
Doc Wagon Clinics: 29

Means of Commuting to Work:
     Internal Combustion Vehicle: 2%
     GridGuide/HarborGuide Electric Vehicle, Individual: 10%
     GridGuide/HarborGuide Electric Vehicle, Group: 18%
     “T” Riders: 47%
     On-site Workers: 22%
     Other: 1%

Neighborhood Ratings:
     AAA: Back Bay, Beacon Hill
     AA: “Downtown”
     A: Cambridge, Chelsea, Revere
     B: Newton, Somerville
     C: South Boston
     D: Brookline
     E: Dedham
     Z: The Rox, The Catacombs
     Felonious Crime Rate: (Violent) 2 per 1,000 per annum;
          (Non-violent) 14 per 1,000 per annum

Service Providers:
     Fire Safety: Boston Fire, Inc. (Martin Villiers)
     GridGuide: Renraku
     HarborGuide: Renraku
     HealthCare: Doc Wagon Medical Services
     Matrix Service: NeoNET
     Police: Knight Errant Security Services
     Power: Shiawase Energy
     Prisons: Lone Star Correctional Services
     Public Works: Boston City, Inc. (Martin Villiers)
     Sanitation: Boston City, Inc. (Martin Villiers)

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